Single Girder Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes, which are preferred in all industrial environments indoor and outdoor, are very easy to install and use, and can be produced up to 200 tons capacity. They work quietly and do great things with small sizes. It provides safe and precise handling and positioning of heavy loads. Thanks to its design flexibility, it provides ergonomic and economical solutions for planned or existing use locations.

WIMAC Crane gantry cranes are designed and manufactured to provide high operation performance and maximum uptime. In crane design, FEM, ISO, DIN, etc. working standards according to their norms are important design parameters.

Thanks to its modular structure, it saves time by installing it easily and quickly. Thus, things will not stop for a long time and use can be started as soon as possible. It provides high accessibility for safe control and maintenance. Minimizes maintenance costs with quality and correctly selected components.

Gantry cranes can be produced single-protruding gantry cranes, double-protruding gantry cranes and non-protruding gantry cranes. In addition, it can also be called a semi-gantry crane, with one side on the beam and one side walking on the ground. They are also convenient for the use of more than one crane trolley on it.

Standard Features

1. Bridge Girder
2. End Carriage Unit for Bridge Travelling
3. Crane Trolley
4. Hook Block
5. Electrical Panel
6. Walking Rail
7. Wired Control (Pendant) and Wired Control Line (Pendant Track)
8. Wireless Control
9. Festoon System
10. Power Line (to the Busbar)
11. Gantry Crane Anchoring System

All crane types produced by WIMAC CRANE have two controls: a wired (pendant) control and a wireless control. Double-stage buttons are available for slow and fast movements on all crane controls used. Tandem and synchronous movements can also be provided with these controls. Additional functions can also be added if desired.

Portal crane electrical panel is an improved panel and the equipment used is selected taking into account system compatibility. Crane Electrical panels are manufactured with precision workmanship and according to international standards by determining protection classes according to the field of use. The boards are designed in a simple way and have all the labeling that makes it easy to understand.

The crane used offers smooth take-off and stop movements with speed controllers. In addition, many parameters such as speeds in all directions, braking times can also be adjusted with these devices.
For gantry cranes, special sandblasting, primer and paint applications can be applied to the working areas to increase the life of the crane. If requested, environmental compatibility can also be achieved by taking into account the corporate colors belonging to the customers.

Equipment and features such as operator’s cabin, container loading apparatus, type C hook can also be added to gantry cranes. These cranes can also be produced as Ex-Proof cranes.

Wimac Single Girder Goliath cranes mainly use and serve such as in harbors, subway constructions, granite-marble processing plants, steel coil processing plants and steel coil supplier, metallurgy plants, cable manufacturing plants, steel pipe production plants, plastic production plants, conctre pipe production plants and automotive production plants.

Usage Area

1. Industrial manufacturing plants

2. Workshops

3. Hydroelectric power stations

4. Dams

5. Stock stack warehouses

6. Ports

7. Iron and steel industry

8. Construction industry

9. Marble industry

10. Mines

11. Shipyards

12. Steel construction manufacturers

13. Container storage areas

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