Semi Gantry Cranes

It is kind of the combination of overhead crane and gantry crane.

These cranes can be used as a single crane, or they can also be used to work under a pre-existing crane. They have been developed as an alternative product in places where overhead cranes and gantry cranes cannot be used alone. In addition, since the existing structure of the building is used on one side, it is ergonomic and economical.

Semi-gantry cranes can be single or double beams.

Standard Features

1. Bridge Girder
2. End Carriage Unit for Bridge Travelling
3. Crane Trolley
4. Hook Block
5. Electrical Panel
6. Walking Rail
7. Wired Control (Pendant) and Wired Control Line (Pendant Track)
8. Wireless Control
9. Festoon System
10. Power Line (to the Busbar)
11. Gantry Crane Anchoring System

Usage Area

1. Industrial manufacturing plants

2. Workshops

3. Hydroelectric power stations

4. Dams

5. Stock stack warehouses

6. Ports

7. Iron and steel industry

8. Construction industry

9. Marble industry

10. Mines

11. Shipyards

12. Steel construction manufacturers

13. Container storage areas

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