Cranes Over Furnace (Process)

They are cranes produced to provide heavy duty service for steel factories. They are usually preferred by foundries. They are used to lift molten iron and pour it into molds. There are two lifting units on it, the main lifting unit and the auxiliary lifting unit. The main lifting unit lifts the melt boiler, while the auxiliary lifting unit maneuvers the melt boiler.

They are also used for the feeding units of casting furnace. Lifting units are used for maintenance, repair, etc. Auxiliary lifting unit is used when transporting raw materials to the furnace.

They are also ideal crane types for transporting, stacking, loading and unloading poured hot or cold plates.

You can contact our technical department to evaluate the most suitable choice for you.

Usage Area

1. Furnace factories

2. Casting workshops

3. Steel factories etc.

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