After-Sales Services

As Wimac Crane, we keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and we are always with you with our after-sales services to respond to increasing demands in a professional and high quality manner.

Technical Service and Support

As Wimac Crane Turkey, we offer technical support and technical service operations of all crane products we sell to you with our expert teams all over the world.

Crane Periodic Maintenance and Control

We carry out periodic inspections of all cranes we manufacture and sell, carry out dynamic load tests and carry out the necessary maintenance operations even in the event of hidden defects that cannot be seen by the eye.

Crane Spare Parts

We also keep the spare parts of all the cranes we sell and install in our continuous inventory, and we offer you support in a short time against malfunctions and requests that may occur when needed.

Crane Testing

We prevent possible problems by performing all tests of all cranes we manufacture before they leave our factory. In addition, we provide quality and safe delivery of our cranes to you with our post-assembly testing services.

24/7 Accessibility

Whether you are a customer of our company or not, thanks to our 24/7 accessibility and flexible working power, we offer you all the necessary services instantly and with high quality.