Marble Lifting Cranes

It is a type of crane specially produced for marble manufacturers and processors by taking into account the working conditions. Cranes are usually in the form of gantry cranes and have a medium/high heavy capacity. They are in the form of single-protruding, double-protruding, non-protruding or semi-portal cranes depending on the area and capacity in which they are used.

Users also request supporting equipment such as a block turning machine, container loading apparatus along with the crane.

You can contact our technical department to evaluate the most suitable choice for you, taking into account your building structure, place of use, method of use.

Block Rotating Machines

They are generally supporting equipment used in marble quarries for the purpose of turning marble blocks into the appropriate January. They provide rotation of the block between 0 Dec-90 Deg using two rollers. They have a hydraulic unit and an electrical panel. They are controlled with the help of a wireless or wired controller.

You can contact our technical department for detailed information.

Standard Features

1. Bridge Girder
2. End Carriage Unit for Bridge Travelling
3. Crane Trolley
4. Hook Block
5. Electrical Panel
6. Walking Rail
7. Wired Control (Pendant) and Wired Control Line (Pendant Track)
8. Wireless Control
9. Festoon System
10. Power Line (to the Busbar)
11. Gantry Crane Anchoring System

Usage Area

1. Marble granite factories

2. Natural stones

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