Exclusive Hoisting Groups

Foundry cranes WP – designed for servicing converter and electric steel-making shops of metallurgical enterprises and are designed for heavy and very heavy duty, which includes high, associated with production technology, static, dynamic and shock loads. 

Double girder overhead traveling crane for steel works belongs to heavy volumetric equipment, its design and production, and is an important piece of equipment in steelmaking and foundry technology. It is commonly used for lifting and transporting steel, and is suitable for high temperature environments, many dust, workloads. 

The steel crane consists of parallel runways with a walkway spanning the gap. The hoist, the lifting element of the crane, moves along the bridge on rails installed on concrete foundations. 

According to the conditions of exposure to temperature factors, cranes are manufactured in various designs and categories of placement. The main difference from a conventional overhead bridge is that it is serviced only by a crane operator. 

Custom-made cranes often use standardized components – field-proven solutions. In some cases, we custom design certain components. All elements are fully tested to ensure safety and reliability.

Usage Area

1. Furnace factories

2. Casting workshops

3. Steel factories etc.

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