Low Ceiling Crane Systems

Low Ceiling cranes WO-D is a lifting equipment with two supporting spans, along which the lifting mechanism moves.

The load-bearing parts of the Low Ceiling Crane crane are supported from above directly on the rail track, along which it is possible to efficiently move loads with large spans and loads.

Mechanisms for unloading, lifting and moving various cargoes are used in a wide range of loading and unloading operations during construction, installation, repair of various objects in open areas and indoors.

If necessary, the customer is equipped with additional technological equipment, which will functionally improve the characteristics of the crane and automate the process.

These additional devices include a hoist, traverse, grab and magnet.

Standard Features

1. Double Bridge Girder
2. End Carriage Unit for Bridge Travelling
3. Crane Trolley
4. Hook Block
5. Electrical Panel and Electrical Installation
6. Walking Path
7. Wired Control (Pendant) and Wired Control Line (Pendant Track)
8. Wireless Control
9. Festoon System

Usage Area

1. Industrial manufacturing plants

2. Mining industry

3. Foundry factories

4. Shipyards

5. Warehouses

6. Ports

7. Logistics Warehouses

8. Construction Industry

9. Construction Centers

10. Heavy Industry Areas

11. Maritime Sector/Shipyards

12. Timber Industry

13. Silos

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