Rotating Trolley Cranes

Special electric overhead cranes with flexible suspension of the traverse and a rotating trolley WR has some technological features that distinguish it from the rest.

The advantage of this type of lifting equipment is the performance of a wide range of production tasks, allowing you to safely and efficiently move loads and automatically rotate the lifting device.

Turning takes place with the direct help of the slewing trolley, which the crane is equipped with. Carrying capacity from 5 to 35 tons.

Trolley rotation mode 180 degrees. Depending on the operating conditions and characteristics of the transported load, it is possible to complete additional control systems.

Usage Area

1. Industrial manufacturing plants

2. Mining industry

3. Foundry factories

4. Shipyards

5. Warehouses

6. Ports

7. Logistics Warehouses

8. Construction Industry

9. Construction Centers

10. Heavy Industry Areas

11. Maritime Sector/Shipyards

12. Timber Industry

13. Silos

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