Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are types of cranes that can rotate up to 360° on their own column or mounted on an existing building column. A jib crane has rotational movement, lowering/lifting movement and forward/backward movement up to the beam length.

They are usually preferred for work where there are light loads (up to 6.3 tons), such as loading/unloading, changing workpieces, unloading products from the production line, etc. Thanks to its ability to work independently in environments where there are other overhead cranes and gantry cranes, it prevents problems such as unwanted waits and unnecessary energy consumption.

They do not take up as much space as other cranes. They are economical and serial. The lifting unit can be air (systems requiring vacuum), as well as electric. The rotational movement can be 360° or it can be restricted to any December under this value according to the request.

You can contact our technical department to evaluate the most suitable choice for you, taking into account your building structure, place of use, method of use.

Usage Area

1. Logistics industry

2. Construction industry

3. The industry sector

4. Heavy industry sector

5. Automotive industry

6. Textile sector

7. Shipyards

8. Warehouses and Silos

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