Wall Cranes

The wall crane-WW design is a new solution for low rooms where the existing space needs to be used as efficiently as possible.

Versatility, simplicity and ergonomics are the main characteristics of this product.

Wall-mounted jib cranes are attached directly to building walls or to columns. Such cranes are designed for mechanization of work within a limited area.

A steel plate is welded to the end of the profile, by means of which the bracket is attached to the bearing tube using four bolted connections.

Therefore, the installation is very simple and convenient.

The wall crane is well combined with the use of a hand or electric hoist with additional lifting devices, for example, for transferring a welding machine.

Usage Area

1. Industrial manufacturing plants

2. Mining industry

3. Foundry factories

4. Shipyards

5. Warehouses

6. Ports

7. Logistics Warehouses

8. Construction Industry

9. Construction Centers

10. Heavy Industry Areas

11. Maritime Sector/Shipyards

12. Timber Industry

13. Silos

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